Do I Hyperventilate?

People often say, 'But I don't hyperventilate!'

Since no one measures your breathing pattern and you don't think about it often most people have no idea what their breathing is like. The symptoms of hyperventilation are many and varied. Here are the most common symptoms of hyperventilation.

Which of these symptoms are familiar to you?


Short of breath, tightness in chest, sensitive airways, excessive production of mucus, long term blocked or running sinus, sneezing, coughing, frequent yawning, sighing or throat clearing.


Light-headed, dizzy, unsteady, poor concentration, numbness, tingling and coldness especially in the hands and fingers and often in the face. In severe cases, loss of memory or loss of consciousness.


Racing, pounding or irregular heart beats.


Degrees of anxiety, tension, depression and apprehension.


Mouth dryness, abdominal bloating, belching and flatulence, easily tired, poor sleep patterns, dry itchy skin, sweaty palms, general weakness and chronic exhaustion.

Buteyko is not just for asthma.

All hyperventilation-related symptoms will improve when the Buteyko Method is applied correctly.

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